Personality Edit

Star is a sweet and Shy pup. She loves to play alone and watch the Boys play soccer, Frisbee, Tug o.r war, having snowball fights and more. She's not really a helper but she loves to watch so she became the new night watcher of the Paw Patrol. She sometimes watches the 4 cool boys Bryan , Jericho , Arturo , and Alezzandro play Soccer or Kickball. She doesn't mind to take a bath and playing in the water and getting groomed at Katie's.

Star and Bryan have been hanging out for a few weeks and decided that they should go on a date and so they did. Then they dated for 3 months and they should get married. After they get Married Bryan has a little golden badge that say's S and Star has a golden badge that's say's B to Represent their marriage.

Appearance Edit

Star is a black dog with white on her belly along with Muzzle, Paws, Ear tips, tail tip, and a white spot in her left eye and a little star on the Right side of her body. More coming soon~

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